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About Us

  • AfriZone Capital Ltd, hitherto operating as Fetorotti Corporation Ltd for over twenty (20) years in the UK, due to strategic alliance with Sesame Asset Management Ltd was registered by the CompanyHouse, United Kingdom on 24 November 2021 with registration number 13763538, as an investment and financial services company.
  • The firm is uniquely positioned as one of the uprising private equity investors on the continent. AfriZone has dedicated investment teams focused on Africa, and hopes to employ quality talents across the continent.
  • AfriZone has a very strong dealflow structure within the emerging market countries, which has given it access to opportunities worth excess of $10bn in key growth sectors such as transportation, renewable energy, health care, real estate, Fintech, agribusiness, oil and gas.
  • The company is poised to benefit from strong, long-term support from both local and international investors, including leading development finance institutions in Africa, the United States, Asia and Europe.
  • The promoters of the firm collectively have 55+ years of experience in international project management, Consultancy, Fund raising, and trade offsets.


Our Values

Integrity is our watchword.
If it is unethical, we are not interested.
We strive for excellence in all we do.
We prefer teamwork than individual stars.
Conducive Workplace
We make the workplace conducive for our employees to grow.
Creativity and Innovation
We value creativity and innovativeness
We believe diversity gives us more options to excel.
We are community minded.
We believe in collaboration with players in the marketplace.
If it leads to progress of humanity, we are interested

At AFRIZONE CAPITAL, we are uniquely positioned as one of the uprising private equity investors on the African continent.

We have dedicated investment teams focused on Africa.



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